To make sure you will be able to enjoy your vacation right from the beginning, we have gathered some important information about your journey to the North Sea.

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Umgebungskarte Tossens/Butjadingen


bakery/supermarket 100 m
beach in Tossens 1.5 km
Center Parks North Sea 1 km
Nordenham (station) 20 km
airfield Blexen 20 km
Bremerhaven 30 km
Wilhelmshaven  60 km
Wilhelmshaven via ferry 15 km
Bremen (airport) 80 km

Journey planning by car

Please note that our street name will change in 2015 from Strandallee 3 to Nordseeallee 3.

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Journey planning by train

The nearest station is located in Nordenham. From Nordenham you can get a bus (to „Abzw. Nordseeallee, Butjadingen-Tossens“), pre booked car or taxi to Tossens.

Fischkutter an der Nordsee
Fischkutter an der Nordsee