Wattwandern an der Nordsee Strand in Tosses

Active Holidays


100 year old trees waiting to be climbed and conquered from you. At a height of between 1.50m and 9m this is for one or another bit of a challenge. Before starting you will receive a briefing from the staff, then you can start your adventure. You decide to which altitude you venture out, and of course you will be secured at all times.


Butjadingen is fully developed with bicycle routes, which is exemplified in its overall design in Germany. Therefore, and due to the unique vegetation of the North Sea, cycling in Butjadingen is a particular pleasure. Over 250 km distance you can discover the country and people. Signs and information panels explain about the specifics of the North Sea and the peninsula Butjadingen and make cycling - whether individually or on guided trails - a real holiday experience for the whole family. Our cycle network includes the ”German Marshes“, the ”Weser Cycling Route“ and the ”North Sea Cycle Route.“

Horse Riding

”The best thing for the soul of man is at the back of a horse“, once an English lord said. And we think he is right. Especially for children, it is an unforgettable experience to sit on a real pony or horse. For pony rides and carriage rides multiple providers are available in Tossens. We are glad to give you advise.


Early in the morning the first rays twinkle over the treetops, the light is refracted in the dew of the still wet grass and reflected in the water. This is the best time for fishing even whilst on holiday. In Butjadingen are numerous small lakes, sluices and lakes, where fishing is a very special experience. Further information is available right here in our apartments.


Our 130-acre peninsula Butjadingen is perfect for skating. Well-marked trails through the nature of the coastal region, past sluices, farms and villages, or along the North Sea - that's fun without end...
Fischkutter an der Nordsee
Fischkutter an der Nordsee