Strandurlaub in Wilhelmshaven Strand in Tossens

Experience the North Sea!

Walks through the Waddensea

You feel like hiking across the mudflats? Our tour guides explain interesting and amaizing things about the Wadden Sea and show you different shells, crabs and lugworms during the excursion, which starts during holiday season daily from Tossens. You will walk until you reach the fairway. A fishing boat runs close past you - a fascinating experience!

The flood is coming soon and the water will then be nine feet or even higher. There is a lot to explore and explain to the World Heritage National Park Wadden Sea and its unique creatures.

Center Parcs North Sea

Whether mini-golf, tennis, squash or a romantic dinner for two, the Center Parcs in Tossens is within walking distance of our Nordsee-Paradies apartments and offers many activities for all ages.


Regular boat trips by ”MS WEGA II“ from Fedderwardersiel (about 10 minutes away from Tossens) shows you either one of the largest seal colonies on the North Sea, a lighthouse or takes you directly to Bremerhaven.

Unique to the North Sea coast: A trip through the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Wadden Sea. The ship will strand on a sandbar near the lighthouse ”Hohe Weg“ and you will start an exiting mudflat walk from there. An unforgettable holiday experience!


In the farm shop ”Teekontor Butjadingen“, you can find fine porcelain, funny pitchers and cups, delicate oriental tea glasses and plenty of lovely little things. Delicious lamb salami, sheep and goats cheese, hand-stirred jams and much more.

Enjoy traditional tea and coffee and get to know the Frisian tea ceremony in the tea room and cafe ”Ekke Nekkepenn“ (about 10 minutes from the apartments in Tossens away). Furthermore you can enjoy local cakes, buckthorn cake and other goodies - all created from homemade recipes.

Harbor cruises

A boat cruise through several ports, locks in Bremerhaven, past giant car carriers, fruit vessels, tugs and shipyards. From a short distance you can see a jungle of massive cranes and huge container ships along side the 3 mile long quay - the largest container terminal in the world.

Emigration Center

Between 1852 to 1890 around 7 million emigrated to new worlds from Bremerhaven. The museum shows the path of emigration from Bremerhaven to America in an impressive way - every visitor has the feeling of being a part of the journey.
Fischkutter an der Nordsee
Fischkutter an der Nordsee