Restaurantmeile im Centerparcs Nordseeküste Klimahaus Bremerhaven

Fun for the little ones

Aquatic paradise Aqua Mundo

Framed by huge, exotic plants, with original decoration from Zanzibar the Aqua Mundo Tossens is a unique world. This huge indoor water park is stretches over 4 levels. A place to run around with different water slides, rapids, wave pool and Crazy River, where one rushes down on rubber tires. Or a relaxing place on bubbling loungers or in the Aqua Cafe.

North Sea Lagoon

The North Sea Lagoon Burhave (about 10 minutes away from the apartments in Tossens) offers fun - regardless of the tide. In addition to attractions for children such as a pirate island, the climbing ship and a moated castle, there are also volleyball courts and a soccer field.

Friesians beach in Tossens

Here in Tossens there is a large adventure playground where our kids feel like pirates! In the summer months, even games with real pirates and treasure hunters are taking place!

Amusement Park Jaderberg

The zoo and amusement park is turbulent: Covering an area of ​​1.5 hectares, it offers a variety of rides including kiddie rides, playground equipment and two funny electronic theaters. Additionally there is a large expansion area of 12 hectares for even more pleasure for the whole family. In the historic part of the park, there are 35 species of mammals, over 70 birds species, reptiles and fishes.

Zoo at the Sea in Bremerhaven

The small but beautiful zoo presents animals from the northern regions (eg, penguins, polar bears, sea lions, turtles), native animals and a huge aquarium. Espacially for smaller children this zoo is a wonderful experience.

Farm tour

Where does milk come from? Experience during your vacation how agriculture works today, with a visit to the farm Rothehenne in Ruhwarden.
Fischkutter an der Nordsee
Fischkutter an der Nordsee